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Advertising the Study to Your Patients
We appreciate your help in letting your patients know about this study. As a reminder, we are looking for Albertans age 65 and older, with an annual income <$50,000, who only have Alberta Blue Cross insurance for Seniors, who have a chronic disease of interest (i.e. heart disease, prior stroke, heart failure, or kidney disease) or who are at high risk of cardiovascular disease (a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking or high cholesterol).

Is Your Patient Eligible?

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Which Medications Are Covered?

In this three year study, we are testing the impact of two interventions to which you will be randomly assigned:

1) Preventive medications free of charge: receiving preventive medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease without co-payment through your regular Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors Program (see the attached medication guide which provides more information on the preventive medications that would be provided free of charge) and

2) Personalized education program to help you manage your chronic conditions: receiving a comprehensive patient education program tailored to your needs based on the information you provide to us at the start of the study.

Advertising Resources
To order copies of the posters or brochures, please call the study team at 1-844-310-0585, or email
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